PelleSi: “Quintessence of craftsmanship”

It takes collaboration of a special group of people to bring original silhouettes to life on a consistent basis. Old-world artisans – skilled tanners, tailors, designers, cutters and more – brought their cumulative experience of many masters of craftsmanship to create PelleSi collection in Turkey located in historical Anatolian peninsula.

As the cross-roads of civilizations, Anatolia has been the melting pot for thousands of years in human ingenuity and has the perfect artisans with their flexible psyche to work on the demanding and natural leather business. Since it takes over 50 experienced tradesman’s touch to bring a garment to life from the raw hide state to the form of a jacket, identification of these craftsman is essential. PelleSi is a reflection of such an effort and collaboration.

We invite you to explore PelleSi; a perfect blend of old-world tradition and modern innovation. East meeting west; “Quintessence of craftsmanship”.